Early Education / Daycare

Running a successful Early Education Center has a profound impact on the children you serve, and your community as a whole.  With over 70% of brain development occurring between birth and age three, we at Morey Nee Buck & Oswald want you to focus your efforts on the educational experience you provide, and on growing the number of students that you can nurture.

Business owners face many unique business challenges in this market.

  • Employee turnover averaging 30% in the United States.
  • Maintaining staff to child ratios, while managing scheduling, PTO and labor costs.
  • High federal and state compliance responsibilities.

As your strategic business partner, we understand these challenges and look to help you navigate them. In conjunction with traditional accounting services (bookkeeping, bill pay, tax preparing and filing), our clients receive guidance on how to make informed business decisions and are coached to understand…

  • Are food grant program monies being allocated properly?
  • What impact would additional grant money have on my profitability?
    • For Keystone Stars participants, will profitability increase with each additional star?
  • Are my labor costs exceeding 49.4% of revenues? (industry standard)
  • Are my books structured to help me obtain preferential financing?

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